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NF30 / NF32 / NF63 / NF125 / NF160 / NF250 / NF400 / NK630 / NF800 / NF1000 / NF1250 / NF1600 / NV / NV32 / NV 63 / NV63 / NV125 / NV250 / NV400 / NV630 / NV800

Wide assorted products which is most suitable for protections of an overload and a short circuit.These are most basic products for the protection of the low voltage circuit. The WS-V series, Mitsubishi’s latest LVCBs, prepares various variations.

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Miniature circuit breaker

BH-S / BH-PS / BH / BH-P / BH-D6

Wide assortment of small size breakers to provide with a wide range of selections.These breakers have various size for using in switchboards or panelboards. These are relatively small size.

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Contactor & Motor Starters

S-T10 ~ S-T100 / MSO-T10 ~ MSO-T100

Wide selection of products that supports any usage environment. MS-T/N Series Motor Starters feature specifications that are environmentally friendly, internationally usable, compact, easy to use and safe. They comply with many international standards, and cover a wide range of applications from switchboards to machines by high reliability.

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Circuit Protector


Available to incorporate into the apparatu. These breakers are small for using in an apparatus as well as the use in the panelboards.

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