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About Us

Distributor of industrial electrical equipment and automatic electric control equipment.

Business Performance

For more than 30 years, Qualitech Control Co., Ltd. has been respected and regarded as a one of the best and most encompassing distributors of industrial electrical equipment and automatic electric control equipment. Our service starts with taking care of our customer by advising and consulting on system design to fast and honest post-sale service. We continuously inspect the quality of our merchandise and service provided. Our project is closely facilitated by engineer with good expertise in the field. All of this helps drive many of our customer to success in any industry.

In regard to aspects of procurement and distribution, Qualitech Control Co., Ltd. is trusted as a main and official distributor in Thailand for more than 20 years for OMRON, an electric equipment manufacturer, and other leading brands such as Mitsubishi, Fuji, Idec, and Schneider. Our customer trusts us that we are able to select and provide the best electrical equipment with quality and fit-to-context for the use they need seamlessly.


Goals & Vision

We are committed to continually develop and increase our capacity, whether in the product we offer, service we provide, or our personnel and post-sale service in order to be the distributor and total solution provider able to design operate leading and cutting-edge system in Thailand, able to cater any of our customer’s need and deliver our customer the best value and satisfaction.

Focus on the development and increasing efficiency

Becoming distributor agency and service provider

Design leading and cutting edge system in Thailand

Cater customer’s total needs

Best value and satisfaction